Case Studies 


Coffee Commissary

We had never collected emails in exchange for the free WiFi, and since WiFi Marketing Co. set us up, we not only get the emails of our guests, but also invaluable guest information, detailed business intelligence, smart and efficient guest communication as well as more and better reviews.  We are now starting their ads services to take things to the next level. 


15413 Emails Collected in 6 Months

Il Corallo Trattoria


2494 Emails Collected in 8 Months

We do not have a reservation system and we only have 40 seats, but since we have our WiFi Portal, our marketing efficiency, revenue and return guests have all increased dramatically.  It is the best marketing investment we ever made.



971 Emails Collected in 4 Weeks

We just started using our WiFi Portal and so far, we could not be happier.  The support team did a great job setting everything up for us.  We engaged WiFi Marketing Co. to handle the platform for us and they are doing a great job.  I never have to worry or think about it.

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