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Use your WiFi to transform the way you reach customers, plan your marketing campaigns, develop business intelligence and increase  your revenue.

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Turn Your WiFi Into A Contact And Data Collecting Powerhouse.

You'll know your customers' email, demographic info, and visiting behavior. And it all happens automatically through your new branded login portal.

You will also be able to gather valuable customer data such as average visit time, return ratio, lost customers, customer satisfaction, loyal customers as well as hourly, daily, weekly and monthly guest counts.

This data will help you understand your business better, plan better marketing strategies, how to manage your reputation, business trend and customer value.

Business Intelligence

Get To Know Your Customers Better

Alexander Riviera

Value:                $462.00
Visits:                14
Last Visit:         2/24/19
Location:          Edgewater, NJ
DOB:                 7/19/78

Anniversary:   8/6/14


Phone:              201-555-2871


How WiFi Marketing Co. Will Help Your Business Grow


Collect Data From Your "Ghost" Customers


Collect Valuable Intelligence and Data about Your Business


Build Better and Smarter Marketing Campaigns

Strike Up Relevant Conversations.

The Days Of Blind Email Blasts Are Over.

With WiFi Marketing Co.'s Smart Messages, you build a real connection with your customers, sending messages based on who they are.

First time customer? Welcome them and invite them back.


Haven't seen a customer for a while? Send them a special reason to come back.

Build a smart and automated birthday club.

Why stop at birthday club?  Build a smart and automated anniversary club.

Want to push certain business segments?  Build automated campaigns with promotions for those segments that need to grow.

First Time Customer

Was A Lost Customer

Celebrating her birthday

6th Visit This Month

2nd Visit - Came Because of Email Promotion she Received After her First Visit


Check out these REAL life examples about how WiFi Marketing Co. changed these businesses for the better 

Better Communication Will Improve Your Online Reputation.

Turn Customer Experiences Into Positive Reviews.

WiFi Marketing Co. lets you manage your reputation in real time. You can point happy customers to popular review sites while interacting personally with anyone who may have had a bad experience. We help you contact them before they post a negative review.


WiFi Marketing Co. offers packages that fit all sizes and budget as well as full WiFi Marketing Management.

Click to see the one that is best for you!

Watch ROI Walk Right 
Through Your Door.

Real Customers, Not Just Clicks.

You can measure the results of your marketing and reputation-building efforts with your 
Walk-Through Rate™ — the number of people who actually walk through your door. 

That's real ROI.

Redeemed 8 Promotional Codes

Customer Value of $1665

Customer Value of $2432

Average Spend of $128

Set Up Takes Less Than Five Minutes

We’ll send you a WiFi Marketing Co. access point. Plug it in and your customers can connect to fast, free and secure WiFi. You can start communicating with them immediately.


Get Support When You Need It

Reach out and you’ll get a call from an account manager who’ll work closely with you to ensure your business is getting the most out of your WiFi Marketing.

Supercharge Your Business Growth.

Businesses using WiFi Marketing Co. grow 65% faster compared to those using traditional marketing methods. So let’s get started growing yours.

Stay in touch with your guests

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